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“Our clients are our neighbors.”

PO Box 124
Moose, WY 83012

Husband and wife team Mike and Kellie Wheeler have been in the valley for almost 20 years and have owned Boreal Landscape & Property Management for 10 of those years. Their squad of 45 seasoned professionals provides a high level of detail and service to multiple high-end residences around the valley, including landscape installation, maintenance, caretaking, and event planning. For the team at Boreal, each home represents more than a job—it represents a cherished client relationship.

What’s the quick “snapshot” of your brand? Tell us about your team.

We are often told, “Your staff is so professional and polite. They did such a great job.” That is our brand. We don’t strive to be just another landscaping company; we provide long-term solutions for our clients. Our goal is to develop relationships over time, understand needs, and help facilitate those needs.

What sort of property-management services do you offer to clients?

Boreal is a full-service property care and landscaping company. Our account managers oversee the entire property, plus we have an indoor team—housekeepers and caretakers—as well as outdoor landscaping crews. If there is a service that we don’t provide, we work closely with preferred vendors. We also facilitate client events; it’s a great way to get our outdoor team to come indoors more.

What kind of landscape-design projects bring you the most satisfaction and why?

We love the creative ones that are specific to a home and property. A landscape really changes the feel of a home, and we like to make sure the personality of our clients is shown in each project. We’re drawn to an approach that fits with the natural beauty of where we live, while getting creative with water features, outdoor kitchens, and other hardscapes. We want to create living outdoor spaces that bring people out of their homes.

How do you approach landscape architecture for Jackson Hole’s unique climate and challenges?

We feel the most important part of a landscape design is that it is created for that particular area, working with the microclimates and the wildlife. We don’t typically get a landscape design from an architect and immediately install it. We give our feedback; we want to be part of the entire process because our goals are long-term—we want landscapes that grow and get better.

How do you work with your clients to pull together your own inspirations and realize their project goals?

It’s a big team effort—from our sales team gaining the client’s vision to handing it over to our project department for installation, and eventually passing it along to our account managers for maintenance. A lot of our clients come and go—they’re not here all the time—so it’s really important to
us that we are providing excellent communication and progress reports throughout a project. We want to be certain that we are capturing their vision.
We know the project’s been successful when we do a final care call and walk-through with the clients. People are ecstatic about their final product!