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2023 Jackson Hole Showcase of Homes



Date: Friday, September 15th 2023
Time: 10am – 4pm
Ticket Prices: $125.00

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One of the signature events of the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, the Jackson Hole Showcase of Homes is back in 2023 after a Covid-caused break. The showcase is unique for allowing attendees to not only experience homes in a range of architectural styles at their own pace (it is self-guided), but also to meet the architects, landscape architects, builders, and designers behind each project. Learn about the vision—and perhaps the magic—behind some of Jackson Hole’s most fabulous new homes, while helping raise money for local nonprofits. (Ticket proceeds are donated to area charities.)



This ski chalet is one of the first luxury modular dwellings by Stack Homes to be delivered and installed in Jackson Hole. “The construction industry in Jackson Hole is challenging right now,” says Sumner Douglas, the CEO and founder of the Salt Lake City-based, sustainability-focused modular home builder Stack Homes. “We like to think we’re the solution for a number of these challenges.” Built in a factory in SLC, Stack Homes can be installed in all seasons; Stack Homes are built with high R-values and generate as little waste as possible; and finally, the price per square foot of a Stack Home is less than half of that of a home built on-site. “How homes are built really hasn’t changed since the 1920s,” Sumner says. “And that model is no longer working, neither for homeowners nor for the environment. This is especially true in Jackson Hole, where stick builds can be $800 to $1,000 a square foot, on average 50 percent of materials are wasted, there’s a shortage of workers, and the weather often delays projects.” A Stack Homes project costs about $350 per square foot, generates less than 10 percent waste, and is delivered between 150 and 210 days after a client has finalized their design..Sumner says, “Stack Homes are built for modern living in today’s” environment

  1. Professionals on Project: Stack Homes
  2. The local charity they will be supporting: The Raptor Center
  3. Address of home: 1925 Fish Creek Road
  4. Square Ft. of residence: 960
  5. Year completed: 2023
  6. Bedrooms and bathrooms:
    – 2 Bedrooms
    – 2 Baths


Ankeny Architecture /Ridgeline/ Audrey Drought Design

Although recently completed, this home features reclaimed timber more than 150 years old. Designed by Shawn Ankeny, founding principal at Ankeny Architecture and Design and built by Ridgeline Timber Company, the home was created for clients who are avid antique collectors; they had a vision for a home that would both mesh with its outdoor surroundings and meaningfully highlight the beauty of their collection, which was both vintage Americana and the best of Native American art. “The magnificence of their collection was that everything subscribed to the tenet of form and function,” says interior designer Audrey Drought of Houston-based Audrey Drought Design, who arranged the interior. “Beautifully crafted pieces but also useful to their living arrangement.” Although the home is large, the owners’ preference for wood over sheetrock—almost everything is barnwood and exposed beam—and Ankeny’s design of cozier, smaller rooms creates a sense of intimacy. “This jibed with the nature of the antiques,” Ankeny says. And the antiques jibe with the reclaimed timber, which is weathered and flecked with cut and adz marks. Though such markings in reclaimed timber are sometimes referred to as “imperfections,” to Ridgeline’s craftsmen they are marvels of a golden era gloriously preserved.

  1. Professionals on Project:
    – Ankeny Architecture and Design
    – Audrey Drought Design
    – Ridgeline Log and Timber
    – Jim Vito Construction
    – Agrostis Inc
  2. The local charity they will be supporting: Good Samaritan Mission
  3. Address of home: 6185 N. Junegrass Road
  4. Square Ft. of residence: 4555 sf, including the garage
  5. Year completed: 2022
  6. Bedrooms and bathrooms:
    – 3 Bedrooms
    – 1 Bunk Room
    – 4 1/2 Baths



Literally nestled into the ground on a heavily sloped .45-acre lot in the Karnes Hillside neighborhood, this home was designed by Rich Assenberg and Nathan Gray, co-founders of kt814, and features a primary suite sunken into a hillside, natural materials palette, and a contemporary alpine design vocabulary. The sunken ground floor is a solution to the complexity of the site; “it wasn’t a straightforward site,” architect Assenberg says. The site also dictated the home’s massing, which was thoughtfully distributed with the goal of impacting the site as little as possible. Integrated into a hillside, the downslope side of the primary suite is a wall of windows that frame Mt. Glory; the roof of the primary suite is planted with wild grasses and also has an herb garden. The home’s second floor includes a junior suite, a guest room, and an open-plan kitchen-dining-living room. The latter overlooks the green roof and has a lift-slide door that opens to the green roof and a deck. The materials palette, which includes limestone quarried in Spain, reinforces the home’s integration into the site and creates a soft interior feel. “Everyone who has come into this house has commented on the finishes,” Assenberg says. “We’ve been evolving our architecture for the landscape of Jackson and the language of this home says ‘Jackson Hole’ in unexpected ways.”

  1. Professionals on Project:
    – kt814 Architects
    – Alternative Building Solutions
  2. The local charity they will be supporting: KHOL Radio Station
  3. Address of home: 644 Lariat Loop, Jackson, WY
  4. Square Ft. of residence: 4,427
  5. Year completed: 2023
  6. Bedrooms and bathrooms:
    – 3 + flex room
    – 4 1⁄2 baths


Molly Murray Interior Design

“It is a gem in the forest,” says interior designer Molly Murray about the 3,500-square-foot home she and husband Dukes built on 7 acres on the forested bench above Fall Creek Road at the base of Teton Pass. “Look through any window and you just see trees,” she says. “In the winter, it is like you’re in a snow globe.” Designed in collaboration with South Fork Design, this home brings the outdoors in. The great room—a combined kitchen/dining/living area—is all glass but for the walls between the stone exterior and windows designed specifically for their art collection. Interiors complement and deepen the connection to the surrounding landscape. The interior palette is neutral and natural, which lets the collected art stand on its own. Exposed beams weathered from their previous life as part of a trestle bridge in Utah add to the soothing, masterfully curated, quiet space that is a peaceful oasis. But this peace isn’t created at the expense of approachability or personality. “We designed every aspect of our home to be dog, kid, and guest friendly,” Molly says. “Our main objective was to welcome family and friends to a comfortable, visually soothing home that marries eclectic and meaningful vintage pieces with the contemporary furnishings for the win!”

  1. Professionals on Project Architect:
    – Architect/Engineering: South Fork Design
    – Builder: Dukes Murray
    – Design: Molly Murray Interiors
  2. The local charity they will be supporting: One 22
  3. Address of home: 1130 Elliott Cemetery Road
  4. Square Ft. of residence: 3600
  5. Year completed: 2019
  6. Bedrooms and bathrooms:
    – 3 bedrooms
    – 4 bathrooms