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Homestead Spring DIY Projects

At Homestead Mag, the arrival of spring means it’s time for household projects and deep cleaning after winter. At Homestead we are in support of any kind of sprucing up, whether you’re taking on a full renovation or simply getting your garden ready for summer.

This weekend we had some DIY fun of our own. This coffee table came from Home Again, a home furnishings store here in Jackson specializing in high end consignment, custom furniture, staging services and interior design. Purchased for $80, the table was a raw, blonde color when we got it, and showed potential.

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Home Office Inspirations

At Homestead, we’ve been having a debate about the importance of offices. Is it better to have face-to-face meetings, as argued here in this recent article from Inc. Magazine? Or does working remotely (and with unlimited vacation!) spur productivity, as Fast Company claims? [Read more…]