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About Homestead Magazine

Homestead Magazine is Jackson Hole’s premier resource for art, architecture, real estate, and interior design. With a focus on the blend of western and contemporary design that is so unique to the Rocky Mountain West, Homestead Magazine serves many functions in the Jackson community. It is a directory of local resources, an editorial publication featuring original articles and photography, a showcase of work by top architects, artists, builders, designers, and artisans, and a source of inspiration for anyone building, buying, or decorating a home.In its print form, the free, yearly publication is distributed to an exclusive mailing list of over 7,000 of Jackson Hole’s most affluent home and landowners. You can find Homestead in regional airports, high-end hotels and lodgings, local retailers, on newsstands, and at local events.

And now, we’re excited to introduce Homestead’s new blog where we’ll feature fresh, exciting content that highlights the region’s artists, artisans, architects, and designers, as well as events, collaborative works, and “style elements” of some of the premier homes in the Rocky Mountain West. For further questions, contact information or to learn more about advertising opportunities, please visit our contact page.