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“Function over form, form over function—that’s what dwelling aims to decipher, and in turn, assist our clients with creating an environment as unique as they are. Whether it is a new build, full-scale remodel, or assisting a store customer with just the right accents, we take pride in our practice of thoughtful design and follow-through.” – Kate Binger
1921 Moose-Wilson Rd, Ste 102
Wilson, WY 83014

Kate Binger founded Designed Interiors LLC in 2007 and dwelling in the spring of 2011 with a mission to fuse eclectic design into the homes of the West. With an abundance of traditionally Western design in the region, Binger brought a fresh mountain modern perspective. She eagerly undertook defining and creating unique spaces that bridge the rustic elements of our surroundings with the contemporary trends of the modern design world. Binger enjoys developing personal relationships with her clients and loves the collaborative design process, achieving completely personalized spaces. Working with many local artisans and materials, she creates fully custom elements to enhance her clients’ homes.

What’s the quick “snapshot” of your brand?

Dwelling is an eclectic design boutique focused on texture and layers of color.

What sets you apart as an interior designer?

It is of paramount importance that my design fits with the lifestyle of my client. Also, I travel to four or five design shows each year and am constantly researching the newest designs. Staying privy to the newest products is important to me, as well as continuing my education to constantly think outside the box.

Tell us more about your approach to working with clients to realize their vision.

Listening to my clients’ needs is of paramount importance. From there, I focus on how I can make their home unique to them, combining our aesthetics in one harmonious design.

What’s a memorable story or experience that stands out to you in your years of working as an interior design professional and boutique owner in Jackson Hole?

I feel so lucky to have met so many benevolent people in Jackson. I worked with a family for about two years to bring their Western retreat to life. We became friends through this time and they were so unbelievably gracious; they actually lent me the use of their home for my wedding. It’s so special when I finish a home and the clients turn out to become real friends.

Tell me more about your personal style and how you approach residential interior spaces.

I find it to be the most interesting to layer textures, pops of color, and personal accents into each space. Visual warmth is key to living in our mountain environment. We have such intensity with the jagged mountains and extreme weather that it is key to create a calming and cozy interior in our residential spaces.

I always strive for eclectic design.