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First and foremost, this is about listening to my clients.

PO Box 3154
Jackson, WY 83001

Shannon White Design is an interior design firm offering a personalized, responsive client experience. As founder Shannon White explains, “In my experience, most clients know who they are and how they want to live. My job is to help them create a home that truly fits them by asking the right questions.” Projects have ranged from rustic to modern, but the approach is the same: to create artful, timeless interiors that are warm and welcoming. White specifies natural, sustainable materials and uses local sources, when possible, to create healthy, inspiring spaces that resonate with her clients.


What sets you apart as an interior designer with a focus on interior architecture?

My focus goes beyond decorative furnishings and takes into consideration the architectural elements that help tell the larger interior story: fireplaces, custom millwork, architectural paneling, columns, cabinetry, stair railings, lighting, hardware and tile design. Whether I’m creating custom designs or working with an architect who has already articulated his or her vision, looking at a project in a holistic way helps me find appropriate, innovative furnishings that are a personal fit for my clients and feel “right” in the space. It is this interplay between site, architecture, and furnishings that is exciting to me.

What’s a memorable story or experience that stands out to you in your years of working as an interior design professional in Jackson Hole?

I worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years before returning to Jackson. On one of my first projects back in Wyoming, we were sourcing a stone slab for the hearth and my client—a serious rock climber—wrote a letter to the stone supplier detailing his vision for this ideal stone down to how it should feel if one were to rappel onto it. We ended up with a stunning 12-foot-long slab of rock that anchors the fireplace wall perfectly. I knew why I wasn’t in San Francisco anymore!

What specialized knowledge do you bring to the table, both for this region and beyond?

I bring hands-on knowledge of green building techniques and products that have been tested in harsh mountain environments. For example, I learned to build straw bale structures and use natural plasters in February in Vermont (one of the few places where the temperature and humidity differentials from interior to exterior can be as harsh as those in the Tetons). I am an artist at heart, so I love finding beautiful objects for a project, but I feel an even greater satisfaction when I connect clients with furnishings that are not only beautiful, but also “do the least harm.”

Tell me more about your focus on green design principles and environmental stewardship.

I’ve heard Jackson described as a “deliberate community” because of the shared values that have drawn so many of us to the Tetons. I find it exciting to live in a community where many people share the same love of mountains and respect for the environment that I feel. One of the first decisions I made upon starting my business in 2008 was to join 1% for the Tetons. Giving 1% of my gross revenue to promote sustainability in the Tetons is just one of the ways I feel connected to my community.
It takes a bit of research to find elegant “green” designs, but my clients tell me they enjoy knowing the stories behind these pieces and appreciate the peace of mind that comes from living in a healthier home.