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The Cat Room

Trauner Designs, Inc. is known in Jackson Hole for designing some of our town’s most iconic spaces. From the Snake River Grill, Jenny Lake Lodge, and country clubs like Teton Pines and Golf & Tennis, to some of the finest residences in neighborhoods throughout Jackson, Trauner Designs sets the deluxe Wild West tone that makes our town so unique.

That’s why when one of Trauner’s clients asked them to design a cat room for their new home, the company approached the project with their usual panache. The result is an entire playroom designed in Trauner’s signature rustic style, where some very lucky cats can spend their days jumping, hiding, scratching, and chasing. Plus, the views from one of the windows features Sleeping Indian… how purrfect for a feline who’s been jumping around all day and in need of a cat nap.

Size Wise

Pocket Ranch brings the outside in with this inspired design by Strout Architects, Teton Heritage Builders and Laurie Waterhouse Interiors.

+ Story by Nicole Burdick

+ Photography by David Swift

To create a home that integrates with the landscape is appealing; to design one that breathes in the natural environment requires a connection to the space that—dare we say—offers a glimpse at how a dwelling becomes part of the ecosystem. Atop Heck of a Hill, one such home does just that.

In a way that early homesteaders might appreciate, Pocket Ranch revels in efficiency. And that is just what homeowner Richard Spencer had in mind when he went looking to build this time around. Pocket Ranch capitalizes on simplicity, though its history is a bit more rugged. Having been started for a previous owner in 2007, the home sat in Tyvek wrap for nearly two years, sustaining the recession, before Spencer came upon it in his search for the kind of place in which he’d like to settle. The story, and the house, started rebuilding. [Read more…]