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Bringing Design to Life: Spotlight on B&B Builders

While architects and designers can dream up beautiful buildings and spaces, it’s the builders who are responsible for bringing these visions to life.  That’s why Homestead is spotlighting B&B Builders. With a portfolio that ranges from remodels to complete custom homes, B&B Builders have become synonymous with the luxurious spaces in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah.





Ben Jonson has owned B&B since 1993, and has completed some pretty impressive projects in those last 18 years. One of his favorites is this recent one in Cowboy Heaven in MT. According to Ben, the property was a success not only because it was a custom home built from scratch with a beautiful result, but also because the team of architects and contractors worked together so seamlessly to make the home a reality. The quality and customer service was on-point, and to Ben that’s what sets B&B Builders apart.

But while building custom homes is the company’s specialty, over the last few years home remodeling has become a major source of business and a core competency for B&B as well. With projects that range from kitchen renovations to façade revamps, Ben points to several remodels as great examples of the company’s work. The Baird remodel is one of the most striking – working with teams of contractors and sub-contractors, B&B completely overhauled the home’s exterior for a total aesthetic transformation.


So the next time you see a stunning interior, home, or commercial space, remember that it’s not only the design that’s important. It’s also the people who can make these dreams a reality, and B&B Builders is a great example of those teams and materials coming together to create something truly beautiful.

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